Is Doing SEO worth it in 2022?

The SEO world keeps changing year after year, and things have proven to be different already in 2022. However, with the right information, you can always be sure of having a successful SEO campaign. Here are five SEO trends that are dominating digital marketing in 2022;


  1. Images and Infographics

A single image can tell a whole story, and that is why images still dominate when it comes to convincing the audiences. In the SEO world, images and infographics are one of the dominant factors. Infographics help to convey a lot of information from just one glance compared to a whole paragraph of words. For that, you should ensure that the search engines know what your images and infographics contain by including some captions to them.


  1. AMPs

Accelerated Mobile Pages is another top trend in the SEO world. You need to consider how people will access your website/webpage. More users are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. They will surf the internet almost anytime they are out and on the go. No one would want to wait to get home to log into their computer to access the internet. For that, you have to optimize your pages for mobile devices.


  1. Secure website

No one wants to access an insecure website with their devices. Most web owners are aware of this, and that is why they are switching from HTTP to HTTPS. They want a secured and safe connection with their users. Furthermore, Google prioritizes and ranks HTTPS sites better than other sites. A Secure Sockets Layer {SSL} Certificate will be needed in order to have a secure website.


  1. UX

User Experience is another vital factor that any web owner must keep in mind. The User Experience is typically the amount of time a user will spend on your website. Also, it is the amount of interaction the users have with the pages. Do they receive enough assistance when they need it? Are they satisfied with what they were looking for on the website? These are some of the things you should consider when you are rating the user experience of your site.


  1. Voice Search

Digital assistance and voice search are other trends that affect SEO success. They are more conversational and informal than the traditional way of searching. For that, you should consider adding a natural language, as well as long-tail search keywords in your content for you to capture this trend.

Hiring a reliable SEO firm can help you apply these trends to your website. If you are looking for a straight FIRE website check out Vega Marketing Solutions in San Diego, CA to handle your digital marketing.